Hands Tying a Bouquet

Give the Gift of Flowers and Support your Local Brant Florists

A bouquet of flowers is perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s to symbolize love, a holiday, or a new milestone, flowers are an excellent way to tell someone that you’re thinking of them. These florists in the County of Brant are experts at putting a smile on someone’s face!

Paris Wincey Mills

The Paris Wincey Mills – From The Curb

The Paris Wincey Mills vendors are working hard to provide the products we all love, from a safe distance. With the COVID-19 pandemic requirements involving physical distancing, the market is unable to be open, but the vendors can operate using curbside pickup and delivery methods.

Paris Maple Syrup Festival

Paris Maple Syrup Festival 2020, A Bitter Sweet Edition

This past Saturday, the Paris Lions would have hosted their 9th annual Maple Syrup Festival Downtown Paris. The COVID-19 pandemic requirements involving physical distancing meant this event had to be cancelled. In the spirit of looking forward to future Maple Syrup Festivals, let’s take a minute to review past years and thank those that work so hard to put it on…