Home Based Business in Brant

It is hard to deny that this year’s holiday/gift giving season will be the same as usual. This year, in order to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraging you to shop online where available or place your order over the phone. One group of businesses that need our support along with our main street businesses are those home based businesses who have set up their shops often in their living room or kitchen table, and can be the perfect holiday gift. Here are some of the many home based businesses that operate in the County of Brant!

Red Barn Baskets

Red Barn Baskets County of Brant Logo

Red Barn Baskets offers gift baskets stocked full with all of the flavours of the County of Brant! With options that include the best flavours from Brantview Apples, the Little Brown Cow, and Henderson Apiaries, Red Barn Baskets allows you to sample the best of what Brant’s Agriculture Community has to offer.

KLK Paris

Kara Lee Kalvapalle Logo Paris Ontario

KLK Paris was founded by Kara, a mother of two who live in Paris Ontario and had learned to sew at the age of 5 years old. KLK Paris sells accessories including hair bands, scrunchies, and wraps in a variety of colours and patterns. KLK Paris offers “Mom-Made quality and care” for gifts for your mother, daughter, grandmother or aunt.

The Cocoa Bomb

The Cocoa Bomb Logo County of Brant

As the weather turns colder, there is nothing better than putting on warm clothes and grabbing a cup of hot cocoa while you watch your favourite TV show or streaming service! The Cocoa Bomb offers hot cocoa in a condensed ball, where all you need to do is add hot water or milk! Also offered is holiday bark, chocolate covered Oreo’s and cheesecake waffle cones.

Home based businesses are a big part of the County of Brant! This holiday season, be sure to shop local, whether it be from a main street retailer or a home based business (why not both!), and do so safely!

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