Over the past few weeks you may have seen us steer away from our #GoodTimesinBrant slogan. For us #GoodTimesinBrant represents a trip to the fair, a ticket to an outdoor music festival, a tour of our fabulous communities and so much more. For now, we must focus on the sustainability of our Brant Businesses to ensure that one day the #GoodtimesinBrant will return as strong as ever.

It’s important that we support our local businesses as we work through this pandemic together. We are very fortunate to have a variety of businesses throughout the County that can provide us with our daily essentials.

How do we #LoveLocalBrant?

By taking a weekly trip to our local farmers market

By satisfying our sweet tooth from a local bakery

By sourcing our meat from a local butcher

By fulfilling our latest craving with local takeout

By filling our gardens with flowers from our local greenhouses

By looking to our local hardware stores for our home needs

By purchasing gifts from Brant retailers

The possibilities are endless but the goal remains the same – support our local.

Follow us as we share #LoveLocalBrant posts on our social media pages daily. We will continue to update you with the latest news on reopening of Brant businesses, special stories from the business community and more. For a comprehensive list and detailed map – visit www.brant.ca/BrantWorksTogether 

Love Local Brant, Downtown Paris plus the logo

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