Brant Attractions – Twin Valley Zoo

Welcome sign at the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

Not only people are in isolation these days.  The animals at Twin Valley Zoo miss all of the young school children and families who usually visit at this time each year.  Spring is in the air and the animals are frisky and coming out of their winter slumber to stretch their legs/wings/talons.

This small 25-acre family-run park provides a home to over 80 species of animals Including Wolves, Lions, and Tigers.

The dedicated and passionate family that work constantly along-side their amazing zoo animals also miss the chance to interact with the students and families that usually visit every spring, and these school groups and early spring visitors bring with them roughly $80,000 into the zoo which is used for food, vet bills, and daily upkeep.

However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the zoo sadly will not be receiving these visitors in the spring.

The Twin Valley Zoo family stated, “We love our home, we love our community and extended zoo families and we will do everything in our power to stay here”.

The Twin Valley Zoo is asking for the support of the community to help them through these uncertain times. “Please visit our website, follow us on Facebook and when this is all over, please come and visit us.”

The Zoo is also currently selling season passes for a great value.

For season passes and to learn ways that you can support the Zoo, visit their website at or email at

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