The “5 W’s” of Tour de Farm

The 2nd annual Brant Tour de Farm is just days away, and we got a rundown on what this event is all about. I sat down with the lead organizer and County of Brant Special Events Coordinator, Lisa Henrique, to get the skinny on Tour de Farm. We went back to the basics and asked about the “5 W’s”, the who, what, when, where and why.

Q: Who?

A: This event is organized by the Brant Tourism Advisory Committee, and the Agri-Tourism Sub Committee, with the help of County of Brant staff and Tom Pate.

Q: What?Tractor in the sunset, celebrating the Tour de Farm

A: Tour de Farm is a self-guided tour through the picturesque countryside of Brant.Participants are given a suggested route, but are encouraged to take the day to explore all the things that the County of Brant has to offer. Our four farms are all of different variety, because we want to give the widest Brant Ag experience that we can. This year we have a beef farm, a dairy farm, a soy bean farm, and a produce farm. So each farm is going to offer something different, something new.

Q: When?

A: The 2018 Brant Tour deFarm is on Saturday, July 7th, 2018. Registration- and a delicious farmer’s breakfast- takes place from 8-10am, with the self-guided tours happening from 10am-4pm.

Q: Where?

A: The day begins at the Paris Fairgrounds, in the Agriplex Building, where participants will enjoy a delicious breakfast, as well as some entertainment from line-dancers. After breakfast and registration, you then head to the four featured farms within the County of Brant. This year the farms include, Eddy Beef Farm (Brookside Farm), Moore Farms, Grand River Bean Inc, and Spruce Avenue Farm (Sayles Dairy).

Q: Why?

A: We really want to promote agriculture in the County of Brant, since it is partially what we are known for. We want people to really get out of the city and experience agriculture first hand.Tour de Farm is an experience you do not want to miss!

For more information and to get your last minute tickets, please visit:

Tour de Farm Logo in Brant County

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