“Those with not enough time to stop and enjoy nature need most to stop!”

Slow down or you will miss it, Centennial Park, located just outside the quaint town of St. George, is the ideal picnic spot to spend a peaceful, summer afternoon listening to the diverse chatter of Ontario’s songbirds, admiring the local history, or just lazing about watching the clouds. Centennial Park in St. GeorgeWhether you are sitting under the canopy of trees by a sly, hidden picnic table or under the cover of the Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead pavilion, beauty is abound and just waiting to be discovered.

There truly is no better way to describe Centennial Park than a little slice of the past tucked between Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead and the charming, rustic farmhouses of rural Brant. The Park, as stated on the plaque situated by the entrance, was developed by the township of South Dumfries in commemoration of the Confederation of Canada in 1867. For those who may not know, the Centennial Confederation of Canada was the celebration of Canada’s one hundredth birthday, which occurred in 1967 when Centennial Park in St. George was founded.Centennial Park in St. George Now, coming up on Canada’s 150th birthday, it seems appropriate to visit this park and relax under the shade of some Canadian history.

The major highlight of this spot is the feeling of sleepy solitude that one tends to think about when imagining a rural countryside in Ontario. Few cars gCentennial Park in St. Georgeo by in the afternoon and even fewer people visit so you are sure to have the park to yourself. It is also dog and kid friendly, provided that the dogs are kept on a leash. Furthermore, once you have concluded your picnic and are looking for the next great adventure, you Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead in Brant Countycan cross over the lawn and visit Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead to learn about Adelaide’s empowering story and her role in the founding of the Women’s Institute.

This summer take time to take a break and find a tree to lean back against with a good book or a patch of grass with nothing but trees and a stream to compete with for space and play catch with your children, fetch with your dog or ‘catch up’ with someone you care most about.  Take time to find a park and well, park – your self, your stresses, your busy days.  There are still places in this wonderfully messy, hectic world where yesterday can still be glimpsed and where tomorrow can still be left alone while filling yourself with the solitude and simplicity of – today.  Centennial Park in South Dumfries is just one of those places!Centennial Park in St. George

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