Our Visitor Ambassador is “On Duty”!

To be able to better support the thousands of visitors who arrive each year, especially during the hyper-active summer season, Brant Tourism committed to putting a strategy together. Always conscience of resources and demanding of value we knew whatever strategy we came up with would have to be unique, flexible and capable of serving all the various communities within the County of Brant.

Hard work by existing staff to secure summer student funding, combined with Brant’s unique capability to be flexible and innovative soon had us turning out a strong approach to fulfilling our objective – ‘To ensure each visitor is supported in a way that ensures they are planning their next visit before they’ve finished this one.’

A new dedicated Visitor Support Cell Number was created that allows visitors to call or text us for support anytime. We partnered with the Arlington Hotel in Downtown Paris to create the Brant Tourism Visitor Services Centre located in the hotel lobby.  Information, restrooms, directions, any support needed can be found there. We initiated the Visitor Ambassador “engagement” plan that doesn’t wait for visitors to come to us but rather pro-actively engages tourists to let them know we are here to help, we appreciate they chose Brant and very much hope they have an experience that has them wanting to stay and of course return.Tourism-Ambassador-on-Duty_Social-Media

Finally we filled the Visitor Ambassador summer position with a wonderfully capable, pleasant, engaging and dedicated student – welcome Mariah! Mariah, Brant Ambassador

Please feel free to use any of the support lanes we have made available to you and we insist you come and meet our Visitor Ambassador who will do all she can to see your time in Brant is ‘Simply Grand’!

Mariah has written a welcome of sorts to the Brant Visitor Ambassador position. You will soon read just how dedicated and passionate she is to seeing #visitorsinbrant have the best support available!


Mariah take it away…

Working for the County of Brant Tourism has been an altogether new experience. Having been a frequent traveler, I have spent much time on the opposite side of the counter being recommended the best places to eat, sight-seeing experiences and the like, but I had never glimpsed the behind-the-scenes action which takes place to string together the big picture of preparing to support visitors.

 Though the tourism team at the County of Brant is small, it is filled with dedicated and vigorous workers who epitomize what the visitor experience should be. From advertising and getting visitors and locals in the know, to marketing, organizing, and finally to implementing events, the team at Brant Tourism has really committed to the necessary background work which goes into all the community and special events which we enjoy.

Brant Ambassadors Speaking to the PublicGoing into the position of the ‘Brant Visitor Ambassador’, I had also believed that I knew Brant County fairly well – after all, I live in Paris!  That said, knowing the communities, I soon discovered, was something different than having just wandered around as a tourist. The communities of Brant – all the communities of Brant have so much to se and experience! Through this position I have had the pleasure to engage more deeply with the community, the merchants and restaurant owners. I’ve been able to experience the bare bones of the County of Brant as well as all the wonderful people which make it such a remarkable place to ‘Live, Work, Play & Stay’!

All in all, my first month as the Brant Visitor Ambassador has been packed with memorable experiences and meeting wonderful people from both within Brant & of course the many, many visitors from all across Ontario, Canada and internationally as well.

I look forward to a summer full of more new experiences, community engagement and a chance to delve further into what makes Brant County such a marvelous home and destination. Just look for me proudly wearing my blue Ambassador Shirt or call/text the Visitor Support Line.  Welcome to the County Brant!



County of Brant Visitor Ambassador,

Mariah Skater

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