Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

There has been a lot of change and development of Brant Tourism over the last few years. Among those changes is our decision to get as active as possible in communicating with our market…Hang on!…. This blog is meant to be much more of a warm and revealing approach to “discovering Brant through the  Tourism lens” and the term ‘our market’ sounds so frigid and purposefully unappreciative. Let’s agree that from this point forward when we refer to ‘our market’ it’s understood we mean our cherished visitors to Brant wherever they may originate and also the wonderful residents of Brant however long they’ve had the distinct pleasure of calling this special nave ‘home’. Alright, with the mood of how we want to share this blog now set, let’s return to the point…

Whether trying to convey a message to those near or those far, it’s a fact that for many of us successfully maneuvering the various communication vessels we use to reach people today is both an act of technical wizardry and stoic, resolute perseverance.  Today with the world literally and simultaneously at our finger tips and in the palm of  our hands we can see, compare, evaluate, take virtual tours, almost taste the air or smell the surroundings of anywhere we think we want to go or anything we have an inclination to do.  It’s marvelous don’t you agree – truly marvelous! In the modern world the engaged traveler and dedicated adventurist becomes an active participant in their ‘tourism experience’ long before they even arrive in St. George, Oakland, Paris or Onondaga.  Our would be visitors whether from right here in Brant or well beyond use all the digital gadgets, travel apps, advisory score sheets, and anything else they have at their disposal to make decisions on what they’re going to do and where they intend on doing it right from the comforts of whatever makes them feel comfortable.  And so it only stands to reason that as a municipal division dedicated to promoting the wonderfully diverse menu of things to see, taste & experience in Brant we need to be ‘right in there’ using the tools of today’s communique. We need to ensure we are on the menus of choice for the would-be visitor.  We need to be sharing as best we can just how Brant is so ‘Simply Grand’.

To that end we have made some important changes and gains over the last while that have us actively engaging YOU…our very appreciated market! Here’s what we mean…

Good Times in Brant LogoOur County of Brant Tourism content within the municipal website is consistently being updated.


Explore the Grand LogoIn partnership with our valued ‘micro-region’ partners Six Nations of the Grand River and the City of Brantford we created and launched a website that helps visitors and local users explore the Grand in our areas of ‘Signature Experiences’.


We decided to get really, really, really social through our @branttourism handles on Facebook & Twitter.

…and NOW we have this blog account that we hope will allow us to dive deeper into the #amazing world of Tourism within Brant!

The County  of Brant is such a dynamic place.  It has such an abundance of natural beauty, built uniqueness, rich culture, deep heritage and of course a quality of people that truly does come across as, well…”Grand”.

Through this blog we invite you to travel through the various destinations of interest with us.  We welcome your input and insight.  We encourage your participation and we anxiously await your engagement with Brant Tourism.

From Marquee Events to Milestone Events to wholesome Community Events, from out of the way unique destinations to the ones the world is quickly coming to know us for, from introducing you to those who haveDowntown Paris from the Bridge with views of the Grand River

long been creating destinations of ‘must see’ calibre to those with that ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them that keeps you coming back time & again, this blog will explore the in’s & out’s, the well known and the not so well known aspects and subjects, objects and thoughts, the ‘in the moment must tells’ and the ‘bright future opportunities’ of Tourism in the County of Brant. So, let’s get started, shall we?


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